Sports Medicine

At ARC Physical Therapy, we take care of many local and professional athletes including NFL players and Olympic athletes. Our physical therapy team has worked with Azusa Pacific University (APU), Mt. San Antonio College, and many local high schools. We perform sports injury screenings and post-injury care.

For an injured athlete, sports medicine can help the recovery process by promoting natural healing in the body. The best results are achieved when an injury is diagnosed and treatment begins early. ARC’s therapists focus on exercise for flexibility, endurance, strength, and sport-specific movements. After an injury, our patients improve their performance and know how to prevent future injuries.

Our sports medicine programs can be tailored to the needs of any kind of athlete – youth athletes, female athletes, weekend warriors, fitness enthusiasts – and any kind of sport – football, soccer, cycling, golf, tennis, running, or swimming. No matter what you enjoy the most, sports medicine and fitness training will benefit your overall health.

Sports medicine and physical therapy go hand-in-hand when we assess your cardiovascular, joint, and muscle condition. We will also consider your weight, diet, and nutrition and create a custom exercise and nutrition program for disease and injury prevention. If you’re wondering about safe weight training techniques, we can cover that, too.

Athletic rehabilitation can help with common injuries and surgeries, such as:

Whether you are an injured athlete or not, sports medicine professionals at ARC Physical Therapy can help you get more out of fitness training and orthopedic rehabilitation. Since 1992, we have been taking care of injured athletes of all kinds. Call a location near you for more information or request an appointment online now. You can find ARC Physical Therapy in West Covina, Chino, or Glendora.

ARC Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine